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Pintwood Derby

  • Akasha Brewing Company 909 East Market Street Louisville, KY, 40206 United States (map)

The race is on!!

Car kits available at the taproom. $25 to race includes car kit. $20 if you already have a car kit. Cash donations to registered charity of choice for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners! Must be certified charity.

Only 40 slots available! Open to individuals or business/teams. 


Race cars shall be constructed from the materials in the car kit. Materials from the kit may be supplemented but not replaced.

Race cars may weigh no more than five (5) ounces (total weight) as determined on the official scale during the pre-race check-in. Note: The official scale will be available at the Tune Up event at the Akasha taproom on April 15.

Wheels and Axles: 
The car shall roll on the wheels from the kit. The wheels shall turn about the axle nails from the kit. The axle nails shall be firmly affixed to the wood of the car body, and MUST be placed in the original 'axle grooves' in the supplied wooden block. It must be obvious to the judges that the grooves, wheels, and the nails from the kit are being used.

Race cars may be no longer than 7 inches, nor wider than 2-3/4 (2.75) inches, as determined by the official gages during registration. Underside clearance of at least 3/8 (0.375) inches and inside wheel to wheel clearance of at least 1-3/4 (1.75) inches is recommended, so that the car will run on the race track. Adequate clearance is the responsibility of the race car builder.

Weights and Attachment: 
Weight may be added to the car and will be considered part of the car for purposes of all measurements. "Weight" is considered to be any material on the car that is not provided in the kit. All weight must be securely fastened to the car, e.g. by permanent glue, nails or screws, but not by "sticky substances", e.g. tape, or tack spray. Weights shall be passive, i.e. non-movable, non-magnetic, non-electric, non-sticky, etc.

Wheel Treatment: 
Wheel treatment (hub and tread smoothing and polishing) may not result in substantial removal of mass nor in reducing the wheel width from the original kit wheels. Wheels may not be machined to a beveled condition and the portion of the wheel surface that contacts the track must remain parallel to the axle.

Unacceptable Construction: 
The following may NOT be used in conjunction with the wheels or axles: hubcaps, washers, inserts, sleeves, bearings.

Gravity Powered: 
The race car may not be constructed or treated in such a way that the track's starting mechanism imparts momentum to the car. (For instance, this provision disqualifies cars with sticky substances on the front of the car and protrusions which may catch on the starting pin.)

Only dry lubricants such as graphite or powdered Teflon "white lube" will be allowed for lubricating the wheels. Lubricants may not foul the track

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